Forest Practices Board Agendas & Minutes
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Forest Practices Board Agendas & Minutes 

forest practices board

Month/Year 2015AgendaMinutes & AudioMaterials
February 102-10-15 Meeting Agenda 2-10-15 Meeting Minutes & Audio2-10-15 Meeting Materials
February 11 & 12Science Conference Agenda
May5-12-15 Meeting Agenda5-12-15 Meeting Audio 

5-12-15 Meeting Materials #1

5-12-15 Meeting Materials #2


Month/Year 2014AgendaMinutes & AudioMaterials
February2-11-14 Regular Meeting Agenda2-11-14 Meeting Minutes & Audio2-11-14 Meeting Materials
May5-12-14 Special Meeting Agenda 5-12-14 Meeting Minutes & Audio

5-12-14 Meeting Materials

5-13-14 Regular Meeting Agenda5-13-14 Meeting Minutes & Audio5-13-14 Meeting Materials


7-8-14 Special Meeting Agenda 

7-8-14 Meeting Minutes

7-8-12 Meeting Materials

7-8-14 Meeting Presentations


8-11-14 Regular Meeting - Cancelled

8-12-14 Regular Meeting Agenda

8-12-14 Meeting Minutes & Audio8-12-14 Meeting Materials

9-3-14 Special Meeting Agenda

9-4-14 Special Meeting Agenda 

9-3-14 Meeting Minutes & Audio

9-4-14 Meeting Minutes & Audio 

9-3-14 Meeting Materials

9-4-14 Meeting Materials 


11-12-14 Regular Meeting Agenda

11-12-14 Meeting Minutes & Audio11-12-14 Meeting Materials

Month/Year 2013AgendaMinutes & AudioMaterials
February2-12-13 Regular Meeting Agenda2-12-13 Meeting Minutes & Audio2-12-13 Meeting Materials
May5-14-13 Regular Meeting Agenda5-14-13 Meeting Minutes & Audio

5-14-13 Meeting Materials

August8-13-13 Regular Meeting Agenda8-13-13 Meeting Minutes & Audio8-13-13 Meeting Materials
November11-12-13 Regular Meeting Agenda11-12-13 Meeting Minutes & Audio11-12-13 Meeting Materials

Month/Year 2012AgendaMinutes & AudioMaterials
February2-14-12 Regular Meeting Agenda2-14-12 Meeting Minutes & Audio2-14-12 Meeting Materials
May5-8-12 Regular Meeting Agenda5-8-12 Meeting Minutes & Audio

5-8-12 Meeting Materials

5-8-12 Meeting Presentations

August8-14-12 Regular Meeting Agenda8-14-12 Meeting Minutes & Audio8-14-12 Meeting Materials
8-14-12 Meeting Presentations
November11-13-12 Regular Meeting Agenda11-13-12 Meeting Minutes & Audio11-13-12 Meeting Materials


Month/Year 2011AgendaMinutes & AudioMaterials
February2-8-11 Regular Meeting Agenda2-8-11 Meeting Minutes & Audio2-8-11 Meeting Materials
2-8-11 Meeting Presentations
May5-10-11 Regular Meeting Agenda5-10-11 Meeting Minutes & Audio5-10-11 Meeting Materials
August8-9-11 Regular Meeting NRB 1728-9-11 Meeting Minutes & Audio8-9-11 Meeting Materials
8-9-11 Meeting Presentations
November11-8-11 Regular Meeting NRB 17211-8-11 Meeting Minutes & Audio

11-8-11 Meeting Materials
11-8-11 Meeting Presentations

Month/Year 2010AgendaMinutes & AudioMaterials
February2-10-10 Regular Meeting Agenda2-10-10 Meeting Minutes & Audio2-10-10 Meeting Materials
March3-26-10 Special Meeting Agenda3-26-10 Meeting Minutes & Audio3-26-10 Meeting Materials
April4-23-10 Special Meeting Agenda4-23-10 Meeting Minutes & Audio4-23-10 Meeting Materials
May5-11-10 Regular Meeting Agenda5-11-10 Meeting Minutes & Audio5-11-10 Meeting Materials
August8-10-10 Regular Meeting Agenda8-10-10 Meeting Minutes & Audio8-10-10 Meeting Materials
8-10-10 Meeting Presentations
November11-9-10 Regular Meeting Agenda11-9-10 Meeting Minutes & Audio11-9-10 Meeting Materials

Month/Year 2009AgendaMinutesMaterials
February2-11-09 Regular Meeting Agenda2-11-09 Regular Meeting Minutes2-11-09 Meeting Materials
March3-31-09 Special Meeting Agenda3-31-09 Special Meeting Minutes3-31-09 Meeting Materials
April4-10-09 Special Meeting Agenda4-10-09 Special Meeting Minutes(no meeting materials)
May5-20-09 Regular Meeting Agenda5-20-09 Meeting Minutes5-20-09 Meeting Materials
August8-12-09 Regular Meeting Agenda8-12-09 Meeting Minutes8-12-09 Meeting Materials
November11-10-09 Regular Meeting Agenda11-10-09 Meeting Minutes11-10-09 Meeting Materials


Month/Year 2008AgendaMinutesMaterials
February2-13-08 Regular Meeting Agenda
2-22-08 Special Meeting Agenda
2-13-08 Regular Meeting Minutes
2-22-08 Special Meeting Minutes
2-13-08 Meeting Presentations
May5-21-08 Regular Meeting Agenda5-21-08 Regular Meeting Minutes
June6-10-08 Special Meeting Agenda6-10-08 Special Meeting Minutes
July7-7-08 Special Meeting Agenda7-7-08 Special Meeting Minutes
August8-13-08 Regular Meeting Agenda8-13-08 Regular Meeting Minutes

9-24-08 Special Meeting Agenda

9-25-08 Special Meeting Agenda  

9-24-08 Special Meeting Minutes
9-25-08 Special Meeting Minutes
November11-12-08 Regular Meeting Agenda11-12-08 Regular Meeting Minutes
December12-16-08 Special Meeting Agenda12-16-08 Special Meeting Minutes


Month/Year 2007AgendaMinutes
February2-14-07 Regular Meeting Agenda2-14-07 Regular Meeting Minutes
June6-6-07 Regular Meeting Agenda6-6-07 Regular Meeting Minutes
July7-25-07 Special Meeting Agenda7-25-07 Special Meeting Minutes
September9-11-07 Regular Meeting Agenda9-11-07 Regular Meeting Minutes
October10-10-07 Special Meeting Agenda10-10-07 Special Meeting Minutes
November11-14-07 Regular Meeting Agenda11-14-07 Regular Meeting Minutes


Month/Year 2006AgendaMinutes
February2-8-06 Regular Meeting Agenda2-8-06 Regular Meeting Minutes
May5-10-06 Regular Meeting Agenda5-10-06 Regular Meeting Minutes
Aug8-9-06 Regular Meeting Agenda8-9-06 Regular Meeting Minutes
September9-13-06 Special Meeting Agenda9-13-06 Special Meeting Minutes
November11-1-06 Regular Meeting Agenda11-1-06 Regular Meeting Minutes


Month/Year 2005AgendaMinutes
February2-2-05 Special Meeting Agenda
2-16-05 Regular Meeting Agenda
2-2-05 SpecialMeeting Minutes
2-16-05 Regular Meeting Minutes
May5-11-05 Regular Meeting Agenda5-11-05 Regular Meeting Minutes
Aug8-9-05 Regular Meeting Agenda
8-10-05 Regular Meeting Agenda
8-9-05 Regular Meeting Minutes
8-10-05 Regular Meeting Minutes
September9-14-05 Special Meeting Agenda9-14-05 Special Meeting Minutes
November11-9-05 Regular Meeting Agenda11-9-05 Regular Meeting Minutes

Month/Year 2004AgendaMinutes
February2-10-04 Regular Meeting Agenda
2-11-04 Regular Meeting Agenda
2-12-04 Special Meeting Agenda
2-10-04 Regular Meeting Minutes
2-11-04 Regular Meeting Minutes
2-12-04 Special Meeting Minutes
June6-2-04 Special Meeting Agenda
6-3-04 Special Meeting Agenda
6-2-04 Special Meeting Minutes
6-3-04 Special Meeting Minutes
November11-10-04 Regular Meeting Agenda11-10-04 Regular Meeting Minutes

Month/Year 2003AgendaMinutes
February2-19-03 Regular Meeting Agenda2-19-03 Regular Meeting Minutes
March3-19-03 Special Meeting Agenda3-19-03 Special Meeting Minutes
May5-14-03 Regular Meeting Agenda5-14-03 Regular Meeting Minutes
Aug8-13-03 Regular Meeting Agenda8-13-03 Regular Meeting Minutes
September9-9-03 Special Meeting Agenda
9-10-03 Special Meeting Agenda
9-9-03 Special Meeting Minutes
9-10-03 Special Meeting Minutes
November11-12-03 Regular Meeting Agenda11-12-03 Regular Meeting Minutes
December12-2-03 Special Meeting Agenda12-2-03 Special Meeting Minutes

Month/Year 2002AgendaMinutes
February2-13-02 Regular Meeting Agenda2-13-02 Regular Meeting Minutes
May5-08-02 Regular Meeting Agenda5-08-02 Regular Meeting Minutes
June6-19-02 Special Meeting Agenda6-19-02 Special Meeting Minutes
Aug8-07-02 Special Meeting Agenda8-07-02 Special Meeting Minutes
October10-9-02 Special Meeting Agenda
10-10-02 Special Meeting Agenda
10-9-02 Special Meeting Minutes
10-10-02 Special Meeting Minutes
November11-13-02 Regular Meeting Agenda11-13-02 Regular Meeting Minutes

Month/Year 2001AgendaMinutes
January1-18-01 Special Meeting Agenda1-18-01 Special Meeting Minutes
February2-14-01 Regular Meeting Agenda
2-21-01 Special Meeting Agenda
2-14-01 Regular Meeting Minutes 
2-21-01 Special Meeting Minutes
March3-09-01 Special Meeting Agenda3-09-01 Special Meeting Minutes
May5-17-01 Special Meeting Agenda5-17-01 Special Meeting Minutes
Aug8-8-01 Regular Meeting Agenda8-8-01 Regular Meeting Minutes
October10-23-01 Special Meeting Agenda
10-24-01 Special Meeting Agenda
10-23-01 Special Meeting Minutes
10-24-01 Special Meeting Minutes
November11-14-01 Regular Meeting Agenda11-14-01 Regular Meeting Minutes

* All minutes and agendas are pdf files

Minutes and agendas prior to 2001 are available on request.

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