Timber, Fish and Wildlife (TWF) Policy Committee Agendas & Minutes
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Timber, Fish and Wildlife (TWF) Policy Committee Agendas & Minutes 

Timber, Fish and Wildlife (TFW) policy Committee

The Timber, Fish and Wildlife (TFW) Policy Committee is established by the Forest Practices Board. The purpose of these meetings is to develop solutions to issues that arise in the Forest Practices Program and to assist the Forest Practices Board by providing guidance to the Cooperative Monitoring, Evaluation & Research Committee (CMER) and recommendations on adaptive management issues. These meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Agendas, minutes and meeting materials are Adobe PDF files and require Adobe Reader 9 or higher.

Month/Year 2015AgendaMinutesMaterials

01-08-15 Meeting Agenda

01-30-15 Meeting Agenda

01-08-15 Meeting Minutes

01-08-15 Meeting Materials

01-30-15 Meeting Materials

February 02-05-15 Meeting Agenda02-05-15 Meeting Minutes02-05-15 Meeting Materials
March03-13-15 Meeting Agenda 03-13-15 Meeting Minutes03-13-15 Meeting Materials
April04-10-15 Meeting Agenda 04-10-15 Meeting Minutes04-10-15 Meeting Materials
May05-07-15 Meeting Agenda05-07-15 Meeting Materials
June06-04-15 Meeting  Agenda06-04-15 Meeting Materials


Month/Year 2014AgendaMinutesMaterials
January01-09-14 Meeting Agenda01-09-14 Meeting Minutes01-09-14 Meeting Materials
February02-06-14 Meeting Agenda02-06-14 Meeting Minutes02-06-14 Meeting Materials

03-06-14 Meeting Agenda

03-07-14 Meeting Agenda

03-06-14 Meeting Minutes


03-06-14 Meeting Materials

04-03-14 Meeting Agenda

04-21-14 Meeting Agenda

04-03-14 Meeting Minutes

04-21-14 Meeting Minutes

04-03-14 Meeting Materials

04-21-14 Meeting Materials

May05-01-14 Meeting Agenda05-01-14 Meeting Minutes05-01-14 Meeting Materials
June06-05-14 Meeting Agenda06-05-2014 Meeting Minutes06-05-14 Meeting Materials
July07-09-14 and 07-10-14 Agenda

07-09-14 Meeting Materials

07-10-14 Meeting Materials


08-06-14 and 08-07-14  Agenda

08-06-14 Meeting Minutes

08-06-14 and 08-07-14 Meeting Materials


09-05-14 Agenda

09-24-14 Agenda 

09-05-14 Meeting Minutes

09-05 Meeting Materials

09-24-14 Meeting Materials

October 10-02-14 Agenda10-02-14 Meeting Minutes10-02-14 Meeting Materials

11-03-14 Agenda

11-13-14 Agenda



11-13-14 Meeting Minutes


11-03-14 Meeting Materials

11-13-14 Meeting Materials


December12-04-14 Agenda

12-04-14 Meeting Minutes


12-04-14 Meeting Materials  

Month/Year 2013AgendaMinutesMaterials
January1-03-13 Meeting Agenda1-03-13 Meeting Minutes
February2-07-13 Meeting Agenda2-07-13 Meeting Minutes
March 3-07-13 Meeting Agenda3-07-13 Meeting Minutes
April 4-04-13 Meeting Agenda4-04-13 Meeting Minutes
May5-02-13 Meeting Agenda5-02-13 Meeting Minutes5-02-13 Meeting Materials
June6-06-13 Meeting Agenda6-06-13 Meeting Minutes6-06-13 Meeting Materials
July7-11-13 Meeting Agenda7-11-13 Meeting Minutes7-11-13 Meeting Materials
August8-01-13 Meeting Agenda8-01-13 Meeting Minutes8-01-13 Meeting Materials
September9-05-13 Meeting Agenda9-05-13 Meeting Minutes9-05-13 Meeting Materials
October 10-03-13 Meeting Agenda10-03-13 Meeting Minutes10-03-13 Meeting Materials
November11-07-13 Meeting Agenda11-17-13 Meeting Minutes11-17-13 Meeting Materials
December12-05-13 Meeting Agenda12-05-13 Meeting Minutes12-05-13 Meeting Materials

Month/Year 2012AgendaMinutesMaterials
January1-5-12 - cancelled
February2-2-12 Meeting Agenda2-2-12 Meeting Minutes
March 3-1-12 Meeting Agenda3-1-12 Meeting Minutes
April 4-5-12 Meeting Agenda4-5-12 Meeting Minutes
May5-3-12 Meeting Agenda5-3-12 Meeting Minutes
June6-7-12 Meeting Agenda6-7-12 Meeting Minutes
July7-16-12 Meeting Agenda7-16-12 Meeting Minutes
August8-2-12 Meeting Agenda8-2-12 Meeting Minutes
September9-6-12 Meeting Agenda9-6-12 Meeting Minutes9-6-12 Meeting Materials
October 10-4-12 Meeting Agenda10-4-12 Meeting Minutes10-4-12 Meeting Materials
November11-1-2012- cancelled
December12-6-12 Meeting Agenda12-6-12 Meeting Minutes

Month/Year 2011AgendaMinutesMaterials
January1-6-11 Meeting Agenda1-6-11 Meeting Minutes
February2-3-11 Meeting - cancelled
March 3-3-11 Meeting Agenda3-3-11 Meeting Minutes
April 4-7-11 Meeting Agenda 4-7-11 Meeting Minutes
May5-5-11 Meeting - cancelled
June6-2-11 Meeting Agenda6-2-11 Meeting Minutes
July7-7-11 Meeting Agenda7-7-11 Meeting Minutes
August8-4-11 Meeting Agenda8-4-11 Meeting Minutes
September9-1-11 Meeting Agenda9-1-11 Meeting Minutes
October 10-6-11 Meeting Agenda10-6-11 Meeting Minutes
November11-3-11 Meeting Agenda11-3-11 Meeting Minutes
December12-1-11 Meeting Agenda12-1-11 Meeting Minutes

Month/Year 2010AgendaMinutesMaterials
January1-7-10 Meeting Agenda1-7-10 Meeting Minutes
February2-4-10 Meeting Agenda2-4-10 Meeting Minutes2-4-10 Meeting Materials
March 3-4-10 Meeting Agenda3-4-10 Meeting Minutes
April 4-1-10 Meeting Agenda4-1-10 Meeting Minutes
May5-6-10 Meeting Agenda5-6-10 Meeting Minutes5-6-10 Meeting Materials
June6-3-10 Meeting - cancelled
July7-1-10 Meeting Agenda7-1-10 Meeting Minutes7-1-10 Meeting Materials
August8-5-10 Meeting Agenda8-5-10 Meeting Minutes8-5-10 Meeting Materials
September9-2-10 Meeting Agenda9-2-10 Meeting Minutes9-2-10 Meeting Materials
October 10-7-10 Meeting Agenda10-7-10 Meeting Minutes10-7-10 Meeting Materials
November11-4-10 Meeting Agenda11-4-10 Meeting Minutes
December12-2-10 Meeting Agenda12-2-10 Meeting Minutes

Month/Year 2009AgendaMinutes
January1-8-09 Meeting Agenda1-8-09 Meeting Minutes
February2-5-09 Meeting Agenda2-5-09 Meeting Minutes
2-19-09 Meeting Minutes
March 3-5-09 Meeting Agenda
April 4-2-09 Meeting Agenda
May 5-7-09 Meeting Agenda
June 6-4-09 Meeting Agenda
July7-2-09 Meeting Agenda
August 8-6-09 Meeting Agenda
September 9-3-09 Meeting Agenda
October 10-8-09 Meeting Agenda
November 11-5-09 Meeting Agenda
December 12-10-09 Meeting Agenda

Month/Year 2008AgendaMinutes
November 11-6-08 Meeting NWIFC Conference rm
11-14-08 Meeting Agenda

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Timber, Fish and Wildlife Policy Committee
1111 Washington St. SE, PO Box 47012
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Fax 360-902-1428