Communication Sites by County
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Communication Sites by County 

Communication Sites Listed by County

DNR Region Map
CountySite NameLegal (Sec., Twn., Rge.)Region
Benton    Johnson Butte16-07-29ESoutheast
Jump Off Joe Butte12-07-29ESoutheast
Rattlesnake South16-11-24ESoutheast
ChelanChelan Butte 26-27-22E Southeast 
Clallam                                 Blue Mountain Road 24-30-05W Olympic 
Blyn Mountain 18-29-02W Olympic 
Clallam Bay Ridge29-32-12WOlympic
East Beach Hill 20-30-08W Olympic 
Ellis Lookout 01-30-13W Olympic 
Fairholm Hill 23-30-10W Olympic 
Gunderson Mountain 20-29-13W Olympic 
Joyce Ridge 08-30-08W Olympic 
Kelly Peak 30-30-07W Olympic 
Lake Dawn Slope34-30-06WOlympic
Lake Sutherland 20-30-08W Olympic 
Mount Pleasant 36-30-06W Olympic 
Sekiu River 16-32-13W Olympic 
Sol Duc Valley 35-30-12W Olympic 
Striped Peak26-31-08W  Olympic
Tyee Ridge 33-30-08W Olympic
Clark     Bells Mountain 24-04-03E Pacific Cascade 
Larch Mountain 27-03-04E Pacific Cascade 
Livingston Mountain 07-02-04E Pacific Cascade 
Columbia Thorn Point 36-10-39E Southeast 
Cowlitz           Barnes Road 16-10-02W Pacific Cascade 
Bebe Mountain 18-10-02W Pacific Cascade 
Davis Peak 20-06-02E Pacific Cascade 
Lake Merwin 28-06-02E Pacific Cascade 
Marble Creek 28-06-02E Pacific Cascade 
Signal Peak 03-09-02E Pacific Cascade 
Douglas Badger Mountain 16-23-21E Southeast 
Garfield Dodge Hill 16-12-40E Southeast 
Grant   Beezley Hill 19-21-26E Southeast 
Two Springs 16-21-25E Southeast 
Grays Harbor Minot Peak 10-16-06W Pacific Cascade 
Jefferson         Allen's Hill34-27-12W Olympic 
Devils Lake26-27-02WOlympic
Maynard Peak 10-29-02W Olympic 
Octopus Mountain East 19-26-11W Olympic 
Octopus Mountain West 19-26-11W Olympic 
King                    Echo Glen34-24-07ESouth Puget Sound
Grass Mountain 21-20-08E South Puget Sound 
McDonald Point 17-21-08E South Puget Sound 
Mitchel Hill 20-24-07E South Puget Sound 
Rattlesnake West 20-23-08E South Puget Sound 
Tiger Mountain 08-23-07E South Puget Sound 
Tiger South 30-23-07E South Puget Sound 
Tiger West 06-23-07E  South Puget Sound 
Kitsap   Camp Union 04-24-01W South Puget Sound 
Gold Mountain 27-24-01W South Puget Sound 
Kittitas       Naneum Ridge 36-21-19E Southeast 
Peoh Point 10-19-15E Southeast 
Wenatchee Mountain 36-21-19E Southeast 
Whiskey Dick Ridge 34-18-21E Southeast 
Klickitat  Burdoin16-03-11ESoutheast 
Flattop Mountain07-06-10ESoutheast
Indian Rock21-06-16ESoutheast
Lincoln Creston Butte 16-26-34E Southeast 
Okanogan     Fox Mountain28-33-25ENortheast 
Olive Mountain 36-35-26E Northeast 
Pacific   Naselle Ridge 21-11-09W Pacific Cascade 
Walville Peak 27-13-06W Pacific Cascade 
Pend Oreille Usk Mountain 16-33-44E Northeast 
Pierce Elbe Site 21-15-05E South Puget Sound 
Skagit   Devils Mountain 11-33-04E Northwest 
Frailey Mountain 35-33-06E Northwest 
Skamania  Little Baldy25-04-09ESoutheast
Three Corner Rock22-03-06EPacific Cascade
Snohomish        Blue Mountain 36-29-08E Northwest 
Deer Creek Flat 18-27-10E Northwest 
Mahoney21-28-08E Northwest 
Table Mountain20-27-07E Northwest 
Three Lakes Hill33-29-07ENorthwest
Stevens Monumental Mountain 31-35-38E Northeast 
Paradis Peak24-35-38ENortheast
Stranger Mountain14-31-38ENortheast
Twelve Mile36-34-39ENortheast
Thurston Capitol Peak12-17-04WPacific Cascade
Crawford Mountain26-16-01WPacific Cascade
Perry Creek16-18-03WPacific Cascade
Summit Lake17-18-03WPacific Cascade
Whatcom   Deming Mountain29-39-05ENorthwest
Deming South6&7-38-05ENorthwest
Galbraith Mountain11-37-03ENorthwest
Lookout Mountain17-37-04ENorthwest
Paradise Ridge28-40-05ENorthwest
Racehorse Mountain28-39-06ENorthwest
South Lookout Mountain19-37-04ENorthwest
Sumas Mountain 36-40-04E Northwest 
Van Zandt16&21-37-05ENorthwest
Yakima Cleman Mountain05-15-16ESoutheast
Elephant Mountain16-12-20ESoutheast
Sunnyside Slope36-12-22ESoutheast
Union Gap16-12-19ESoutheast
Sanford Ridge12-15-15ESoutheast

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