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Budget Data, Reports, Publications & Information 
WADNR Office of Budget and Economics 

Budget Data, Reports, Publications & Information

DNR manages state trusts to provide revenue that pays for the construction of common schools, universities, and other state institutions. Our mission also includes maintaining sustainable natural resources for the benefit of the citizens of Washington State.  These budget and legislative reports describe in detail our best assessments of how we can continue to provide the many public benefits that come from sustainable management of natural resources.


Department of Natural Resources

2009-2011 Biennial Budget
09-11 Strategic Plan (113 KB PDF)

2009-2011  Biennial Budget
Cover Letter (PDF 412K)

Operating Budget
Operating Budget  (Complete File) (PDF 29.2 mb)

Section A
Strategic Plan (PDF 3,085K)
Agency Activity Inventory by Agency (PDF 10,634K)
Agency Performance Measures (PDF 502K)
Activity Inventory Indirect Cost Allocation Approach (PDF 140K)

Section B
Recommendation Summary (PDF 63K)

Section C
Decision Pages Table of Contents (PDF 63K)
Agency Budget Request Decision Package Summary (PDF 47K)
Decision Packages (complete file of decision packages) (PDF 13.7 mb)

Maintenance Level
Operating Costs for New Capital Projects (PDF 540K)
Fire Suppression Maintenance Adjustment (PDF 356K)
Fuel Rate Adjustment (PDF 328K)
Agricultural Trust Land Management (PDF 314K)
Technology Inflationary Increases (PDF 953K)
Minimum Wage Adjustments (PDF 318K)
Self-Insurance Premium (PDF 1,046K)
Large Derelict Vessel Removal (PDF 375K)

Policy Level
Sustainable Public Access (PDF 706K)
Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan (PDF 975K)
Unstable Landforms (PDF 589K)
Improving Forest Fire Prevention (PDF 465K)
Landowner Incentives (PDF 418K)
Access to Biodiversity Information (PDF 418K)
Expert Forestry Assistance (PDF 434K)
Initial Attack Fire Engine Crews (PDF 521K)
Evergreen Community Implementation (PDF 528K)
Forest Health Implementation (PDF 511K)
Eastern Washington Subsurface Geology (PDF 530K)
Landscape Level Wildlife Assessment (PDF 349K)
Increased Derelict Vessel Removal (PDF 574K)
Aquatic Land Investigation Cleanup (PDF 404K)
Surface Mine Reclamation (PDF 242K)
Digitizing Historical Survey Books (PDF 432K)

Section D
Summarized Revenue (PDF 329K)
Working Capital Reserve (PDF 313K)
Transfer Reconciliation Statement (PDF 78K)
Federal Funding Estimates Summary (PDF 160K)
Non-Budgeted Local Fund Summary (PDF 62K)
Decision Packages with Potential Impact to Puget Sound (PDF 40K)

Capital Plan
Capital Plan (Complete File) (PDF 31.4MB)

Section A
Ten Year Capital Plan Summary (PDF 4,632K)
Capital Project List (PDF 360K)
Capital FTE Summary (PDF 331K)
Table of Contents - Decision Packages (PDF 73KB)
Letter from the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (PDF 119)

Preservation Projects
Natural Areas Facilities Preservation and Access (PDF 1,954K)
Minor Works Preservation (PDF 1,272K)
Marine Station Toxics Cleanup (PDF 570K)
Marine Station Reappropriation (PDF 451K)

Programmatic Projects
Recreation Capital Renovations (PDF 925K)
Forest Riparian Easement Program (PDF 1,311K)
Trust Land Transfer (PDF 1,425K)
Road Maintenance and Abandonment Projects (PDF 1,000K)
Family Forest Fish Passage Program (PDF 1,341K)
Covered Storage for Fire / Camps Equipment (PDF 1,297K)
Combined State Agency Aviation Facility (PDF 1,852K)
Riparian Open Space Program (PDF 383K)
Statewide Aquatic Restoration Projects (PDF 818K)
Creosote Removal in Puget Sound (PDF 1,677K)
Deepwater Geoduck / Seacucumber Population Surveys (PDF 225K)
Minor Works - Programmatic (PDF 329K)
Colville Armory (PDF 300K)
Seed Freezer and Cone Processing (PDF 2,126K)
Natural Resources Real Property Replacement (PDF 1,236K)
Land Bank (PDF 1,266K)
State Lands Maintenance (PDF 1,308K)
Right of Way Acquisition (PDF 327K)
Forest Legacy (PDF 316K)
Land Acquisition Grants (PDF 1,423K)
Community and Technical College Trust Land Acquisitions (PDF 354K)

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Robert Brauer
Budget Manager


em_dnr_at_glance.pdf  DNR At-A-Glance  (279KB  PDF)

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